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Choosing cremation is economical, dignified, respectful, and the choice of more than 80% of NH and VT residents. There are many options available, including burial or scattering of cremated remains in a special place or with a ceremony. You can have a memorial service, a graveside ceremony or you don’t have to have any services at all. Here are the three pathways we offer for cremation.

Direct Cremation Package

Non-Member Price: $1,695

This is our basic package. The Direct Cremation Package is a no-frills, low-cost option that offers all the necessary features that are needed for a cremation.

Veteran’s Tribute Package

Non-Member Price: $2,670

Those brave men and women who have served our country deserve very special treatment, so we’ve created our Veteran’s Tribute Package as a way of giving them honor and respect.

Cemetery Gathering Package

Non-Member Price: $2,870

This package is good for those who want a graveside service as part of their final arrangements.

Life Celebration Package

Non-Member Price: $4,145

Many people choose to have a memorial service so that loved ones can come together, remember them, and celebrate their life.

Catholic Cremation Package

Price: $4,145

The Cremation Society understands our Catholic families may choose a funeral service at their church. In that case, you will also have access to our equipment and staff at your place of worship. You may also choose to have a Catholic service in one of our chapels.

South Asian Cremation Package

Price: $3,335

We honor the traditions that go into planning and organizing a Hindu, Jain or Sikh service. Our team is sensitive to traditions such as carrying the body feet-first and performing the ritual circling of the body prior to cremation.

Bhutanese and Nepali Cremation Package

Price: $3,335

This special package includes respectful preparation of the body for viewing and ceremony including bathing, shaving and dressing, as well as use of our prayer room for a gathering and prayer service and attended cremation.

Buddhist Cremation Package

Price: $3,335

The Cremation Society honors our Buddhist families with a respectful approach to services. This includes all of the traditional Buddhist rituals of preparing the body, and assisting the family prior to and during the prayer service.

Infant Cremation Package

Price $0

We perform the transfer of your infant into our care and cremation at no charge to the family. Optional service and merchandise selections are available for an additional fee.

Social Services Cremation Package

Price: Varies

This package includes our 10-Step Peace of Mind Cremation Process with no service or other enhancements.

There are few things that cause more emotional trauma than the death of someone you love. Even when the death is anticipated, you’re never truly prepared. At The Cremation Society, we understand that this is an emotional time for you, so we’ve prepared this section to guide you through the process of making your arrangements online.

Please note, we work exceptionally hard to keep our prices affordable. As such, everything you need to make your arrangements online can be found on this website.

New Hampshire Laws Regarding a death

Under New Hampshire Statute RSA 290:2-a, the deceased cannot be removed from the place of death until there is a pronouncement of death by a physician or registered nurse. For a body to be released to the Cremation Society, only a medical doctor can sign the release unless the death was anticipated. If it was anticipated, then a nurse can release the body. RSA 611:4 states that deaths occurring under certain circumstances must be referred to the State Medical Examiner who will become responsible for legally releasing the deceased to the Cremation Society.

Vermont Laws Regarding a death

Under Vermont Statute 18 V.S.A. § 5202(b) Any licensed health care professional who has access to the facts and can certify that death is not subject to the provisions of section 5205 of this title may complete and sign a preliminary report of death on a form supplied by the Commissioner and will thereafter be in charge of releasing the body from the place of death to the Cremation Society (Ker-Phaneuf Funeral Home for the Phaneuf website). If death is subject to the provisions under section 18 V.S.A. § 5205(a) When a person dies from violence, or suddenly when in apparent good health or when unattended by a physician or a recognized practitioner of a well-established church, or by casualty, or by suicide or as a result of injury or when in jail or prison, or any mental institution, or in any unusual, unnatural or suspicious manner, or in circumstances involving a hazard to public health, welfare or safety, the medical examiner who resides nearest the town where the death occurred shall be notified and said medical examiner shall notify the state’s attorney of the county in which the death occurred. The state’s attorney shall thereafter be in charge of the body and shall issue such instructions covering the care or removal of the body as he or she shall deem appropriate until he or she releases same.

General Guidelines

There are several steps that you need to take when a death has occurred, depending on the circumstances of death:

  • Health Care Facility – Call The Cremation Society
  • Anticipated death Outside of a Health Care Facility – Call the hospice facility or doctor, then call The Cremation Society as soon as possible
  • Unanticipated death Outside of a Health Care Facility – Call 911 and the police will inform the family of the next steps to take.
  • Out of State death – Call The Cremation Society as soon as possible

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