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Social Services Policy on Financial Assistance

It is our policy that no one be denied a proper and dignified cremation due to financial limitations. In New Hampshire, city and town welfare departments provide financial assistance for deceased residents who are indigent, or whose immediate family members do not have the ability to pay for a cremation. In Vermont, this is administered at the State level. It is the family’s responsibility to request financial assistance from the agency. Once the agency has approved the request for financial assistance and the amount to be paid in writing, we will apply this amount towards our discounted cremation fee of $1,100 offered to those in need. While some welfare departments in NH pay $1,100 as a benefit, some pay less. In Vermont, the state pays up to $1,100 for families that are approved. If the benefit does not cover our discounted charge, then the balance will need to be paid by the family, person in charge of arrangements or other parties prior to the cremation taking place. Please be aware that we significantly discount our fees in order to be able to provide this community service and are not able to accept less than $1,100. Please also be aware that our welfare services are only available in our NH and VT locations.

There are four steps to begin the process.

  1. Notify us of the passing of your loved one and that financial assistance will be needed
  2. Select the Social Services item at the bottom of this page and then proceed to finalize arrangements.
  3. In NH, contact the welfare department in the city or town where your loved one resided and apply for benefits. In VT, you will need to fill out and sign the Department of Children and Family, General Assistance Program Form. Approval for assistance can take several days and up to several weeks.
  4. Designate one family member to be the contact person with whom we will work.

Once approved for welfare assistance in writing and any balance due from the family has been paid, our firm will perform the following:

  • Transfer the deceased from the place of death anywhere in NH or VT into our care
  • Provide shelter and refrigeration prior to the cremation
  • Perform the cremation
  • Secure necessary paperwork, file the death certificate, and notify Social Security of the death
  • Provide the cremated remains back to the family in a temporary plastic container

It is the family’s responsibility to handle the following on their own:

  • Writing up and submitting obituary notices to newspapers
  • Filing for veterans benefits including a flag, military honors, urn burial and cemetery marker
  • Coordinating a memorial service at a church or cemetery
  • Arranging for the delivery and burial of the cremated remains at a cemetery
  • Purchasing certified copies of the original death certificate (available at any city or town hall; NH only)
  • Placing cremated remains in an urn or keepsakes purchased from third parties

We regrettably are not able to offer any of the following:

  • Public or private viewing prior to cremation, or family-attended cremation
  • Use of our facility and/or staff for a memorial service or gathering
  • Urn, keepsakes, pendants, memorial book, cards, or other merchandise

Special Circumstances

  • If the death occurs outside NH or VT, there will be additional transportation and coordination fees
  • If the deceased is at another funeral home, the family will be responsible for paying any fees incurred
  • If the deceased weighs over 350 pounds, an additional crematory charge of $595 will apply

This is a legal document. It contains important provisions concerning cremation. Read this document before signing.

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