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Kora Michaud receives foundation scholarship

The nonprofit Phaneuf Family Foundation awarded its 2022 scholarship to Kora Michaud, a mortuary student from Concord attending FINE Mortuary College in Massachusetts.

“Kora demonstrates the skills, presence of mind and compassion for a wonderful funeral director,” said Arthur O. “Buddy” Phaneuf, president of the Cremation Society. Phaneuf also serves as a trustee and chairman of the board of the foundation. “It’s important to us that we support the next generation of funeral directors.”

The application asks about one’s best quality. Kora wrote:

“I think my best quality as a human being is my resourcefulness. I may not always have the answer but I am motivated to research until I find it. I may not know how to best handle a situation but I will explore the options in how to best handle a situation. My resourcefulness often leaves me to feel there isn’t a situation or issue I can’t navigate my way through.”

In her scholarship application, Kora wrote about her approach when making a moral decision:

“When I am approaching a moral decision, I try to stop and ask myself if this decision will bring anyone harm. If the answer is no, I move onto asking myself if it is helping anyone. This can help me identify the most helpful way to approach a situation so that I can not only cause no more harm but possibly bring some good to the situation.”

Kora also shared some insight on how she approaches challenges:

“I recently worked with a family who dealt with the unexpected death of a young father. The mother had reached out to our funeral home inquiring for any resources for a newly-widowed mother. Although we hadn’t yet established a list of these resources, I promised I would be in touch with some kind of direction. I took to the Internet and community action agencies within her area and compiled an entire resource guide for widowed or single parents in Manchester. A month after those resources were given to the family, we received a thank you card specifically thanking us for the ‘above and beyond’ quality service.”

Phaneuf Family Foundation offers $1,000 scholarships to students currently accepted at or attending mortuary college. Students may apply any time of year. Scholarships are awarded in December and sent directly to the school. Students may apply via the foundation’s website.

The Phaneuf Family Foundation is a 501(c)3) charitable nonprofit launched in fall 2019 to provide funds for New Hampshire and Vermont residents who are unable to pay the full cost of a funeral. After three full years in operation, we see a continuing increase in requests for donations, and a growing need for donations to fulfill these requests. 

As more NH and VT residents hear about the foundation, requests grow. Also growing, unfortunately, are the numbers of families in economically insecure situations who are unable to pay for a loved one’s funeral. 


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