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Planning a Catholic funeral or Catholic cremation

A Catholic funeral consists of a set of funeral rites used by the Roman Catholic Church, sometimes referred to as ecclesiastical funerals. If you’re planning a Catholic funeral for yourself and a loved one, this post will answer many of your questions – including information on the Catholic Church’s beliefs about cremation.Read more

What happens if you can’t afford cremation

There’s a growing number of families in New Hampshire and Vermont who can’t afford a cremation or funeral and need assistance interring the remains of a loved one. Online searches about low cost cremation or free or no-cost cremation are on the rise. The Cremation Society of New Hampshire (CSNH) has worked with dozens ofRead more

The history of cremation

Cremation continues to grow in popularity, but is still misunderstood by some people. As more people seek to dispel the myths and embrace cremation as a viable, safe and effective way to say goodbye to your loved one, it makes sense to revisit the history of cremation. The history of cremation The first evidence ofRead more

Cremation Service Financing Loans Now Available for Cremations

While the majority of Americans agree end-of-life planning is a good idea, in reality most of us do not make  funeral arrangements, for cremation or burial, while we’re healthy and of sound mind. Unexpected deaths – even expected deaths – bring financial stress to those paying burial or cremation expenses. Many people aren’t aware thatRead more

How much does it cost to cremate someone?

We know that cost is one of the main deciding factors for choosing cremation. Still,  many people want to know, how much does it cost to cremate someone? You have many options with cremation, and those choices determine the cost. We encourage you to “shop around” before making a final decision.Read more

What is the Cost of Cremation vs Burial

There are several reasons why people choose cremation over a traditional burial. The cost of cremation vs burial is one reason. People, often rightly, assume that cremation costs less than a burial. It is possible that a cremation can cost about one-third the price of a traditional burial, which often feels more reasonable for manyRead more

What is direct cremation

One of the most-common questions we receive is, “What is direct cremation?” This is generally followed by “What are direct cremation costs?” This post explains the differences between direct cremation and traditional cremation to help you make an informed decision on end-of-life options. Direct Cremation Those who say, “When I die, I just want toRead more

How to Navigate Cremation Plans

Choosing end-of-life services for yourself or a loved one is a challenge. It can be mentally exhausting even if there are no contentious discussions among the family members making the decision. Add a little family drama to the mix and things get stressful fast. Even after choosing cremation plans as opposed to a traditional burial,Read more

How to scatter cremated remains

There is no right or wrong way to scatter cremated remains. The best conclusion to this journey is something that feels good and meaningful to you, honors your grieving process and respects your loved one’s wishes. If you’ve decided to scatter a loved one’s remains, there are a couple questions to answer that might helpRead more

Explore these affordable cremation options

Cremation Society of New Hampshire (CSNH) offers you complete cremation planning online, resulting in less overhead and more affordable cremation options. Cost is the primary factor for many people when making end-of-life decisions for themselves and loved ones. Nearly 80% of New Hampshire families now choose cremation as their end-of-life option, as cremation is generallyRead more