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Consider These Cremated Remains Keepsakes - Cremation Society of New Hampshire

Consider These Cremated Remains Keepsakes

Cremation keepsake containers are more than a brass or porcelain urn perched high on a mantelpiece. There are a variety of options of cremated remains keepsakes available for holding your loved one’s remains before dispersion or forever.

For example, as many of us trend toward “going green,” there are earth-friendly cremation containers. These containers disintegrate when buried, but they are also designed to be kept for as long as you like outside the ground. Many can  be engraved with personal information about the deceased.

Consider these options:

  • Urns made from recycled paper
  • Urns produced from cornstarch that break down once buried
  • Urns created from natural, woven fibers
  • Urns constructed of repurposed wood
  • Bio urns featuring a removable lid for ease of scattering the remains

The Cremation Society of New Hampshire offers an all-natural hand-carved Himalayan rock salt urn. Himalayan salt rock lamps are popular gift items these days. Himalayan salt is a mineral with a pinkish hue offering a distinct, pretty glow when placed near a light source. to a bulb. Some even believe Himalayan rock salt has healing properties for our bodies.

If placed in water, the Himalayan rock salt urn disintegrates within four hours. A memorial that ends with the release of cremated remains into the sea makes this a fitting choice.

(Please note: Placing cremated remains into the ocean  can be done only in international waters, which likely would require chartering a boat or making arrangements with a third-party business that specializes in releasing remains at sea. International waters are defined as being 12 nautical miles (or 13.8 miles) from the low water mark of a coastal state.)

Urn Designs

There are a variety of contemporary urn designs to complement the decor of your home, if you choose to keep the remains. There are artists who work in a variety of mediums to design one-of-a-kind urns that are also unique pieces of artwork.

Other creation keepsake container options include:

Companion urns hold the cremated remains of two individuals, and are available in a different shapes, styles and materials including marble and bronze.

The handpainted Together Forever Companion Urn features two chambers for separate individual cremated remains

Veteran urns symbolize and honor those who have served in the  Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard. These urns often feature the symbols of the armed service unit.

Bronze urn with satin finish and official United States Service Emblem appliqué; Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard or American Patriot.

Ceramic and glass urns are beautiful options that fit into contemporary settings. Keep in mind, the materials they are made from makes these urns delicate.

Handmade ceramic urn. Aqua Raku glaze.

Wood urns and bronze urns fall into the category of traditional, but as of late, artisans have been constructing some unique and appealing styles and shapes.

Cube-shaped pine urn with gloss finish.

Consider These Cremated Remains Keepsakes - Cremation Society of New Hampshire

The most important thing to remember is that cremated remains keepsakes are designed as a respectful holding place for the remains of a loved one.

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