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Cremation Service Financing Loans Now Available for Cremations - Cremation Society of New Hampshire

Cremation Service Financing Loans Now Available for Cremations

While the majority of Americans agree end-of-life planning is a good idea, in reality most of us do not make  funeral arrangements, for cremation or burial, while we’re healthy and of sound mind. Unexpected deaths – even expected deaths – bring financial stress to those paying burial or cremation expenses. Many people aren’t aware that funeral financing loans can offset that stress.

The Cremation Society of New Hampshire recently partnered with Memorial Funding, which offers funeral financing assistance via about 30 lenders. You can apply for a loan  to cover cremation expenses here

Funeral and cremation financing for now or planning ahead

Cremation financing assistance is available for those who need the money immediately and for people planning end-of-life expenses for a loved one. A funeral financing loan lets you pay for arrangements today and lock in those prices  until you need them.

For those who need funds immediately, a funeral financing loan allows you to give your loved one a proper and respectful send off, and offers you time to breathe and take care of funeral costs at a later date.

Cremation financing process

The web portal for Memorial Funding asks for basic financial information. If you are approved, you’ll know almost instantly. Interest rates  vary based on your credit score. Once approved, you will receive information on making loan payments. CSNH and Memorial Funding have no say in the approval process for funeral financing loans.

Monies available from a cremation financing loan can go toward but are not limited to:

  • Funeral home costs, such as use of chapels, visitation room, funeral director service, etc.
  • A casket, for those who want a visitation prior to cremation
  • Flowers
  • Transportation fees
  • An urn
  • A grave liner
  • Memorialization items

Knowing this option is available hopefully alleviates some stress related to the death of a loved one. Assistance paying for a cremation and service allows you to focus on giving your loved one a proper farewell, and not worrying about where the money will come from.

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