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Embracing technology in the funeral industry - Cremation Society of New Hampshire

Embracing technology in the funeral industry

The Cremation Society of New Hampshire may be over 100 years old, but it is technologically up to date. Due to the sensitivity of the subject matter, many people prefer making arrangements for a cremation online as opposed to in person. This is one of several ways the Cremation Society embraces technology.

Technology allows us to offer low prices, convenience to families

Setting up an economical ecommerce business where customers choose all the elements of their cremation service online was our priority more than 20 years ago. Going virtual with arrangements allowed us to better service families across New Hampshire, especially where in-person visits were not necessary. Where we save money on overhead, we pass those savings onto the Cremation Society members.

Over the years, we have found that not only are people willing to make funeral arrangements online, in many cases they prefer it. People patronize cremation societies for all kinds of reasons, and some appreciate the convenience of making arrangements in their own home without outside pressure.

Families are free to move ahead with the planning process online at their own pace, and can step away and return as they are comfortable. Online arrangements allow complete flexibility to modify selections at any time during the process.

Posting our prices online

Posting funeral costs online was unusual when our sister company, Phaneuf Funeral Homes and Crematorium, started doing so many years ago, but we believed transparency created trust with our customers.

We use the mindset that our websites are an extension of the traditional funeral arrangement office and that everything provided in the office should be online. If you’re shopping online and see “call for pricing,” it may make people suspicious or uncomfortable.

Virtual end-of-life gatherings

Virtual funerals and virtual memorial services are growing in popularity with the ongoing pandemic. Many people cannot gather to say goodbye in person. The virtual  option is also a cost-effective way to allow  long-distant friends and relatives to attend the viewing of the funeral or memorial and pay their respects.

Many of us gather regularly via Zoom or other online streaming applications these days, so a virtual memorial service celebrating someone’s life shouldn’t seem too unusual.

Even before the pandemic, the Cremation Society offered video streaming of cremation services for those who were not able to attend in person. Today, with larger gatherings strongly discouraged, it makes even more sense to offer this service.

Online memorials are also an effective way to pay tribute to a friend or loved one who has died. The tributes are a way for friends and family to visit the webpage to comment, support and remember someone. Tributes don’t have to be for a recent death. In fact, sharing a remembrance or story on an online tribute weeks or months after a death may be a nice consolation for the family.  

There’s an app for that

The mental health app Cove helps people process their emotions by making an instrumental musical journal that can be saved or shared. The app lets you choose from six different emotions—playful, calm, longing, clouded, gentle, struggling- and you can add filters to change the volume or rhythm of the sounds.   

Diamond technology

For centuries, diamonds have been a symbol of eternal love. Thanks to evolution in technology, you can now extract carbon from cremated remains to grow your own diamond. Eterneva, a grief wellness company based in Austin, Texas, takes the process of creating a diamond one step further, transforming the growth of a memorial diamond into a cathartic journey for grieving loved ones. When you choose to have a diamond made, your loved ones will receive monthly updates on the process, involving them through the process where they can witness your transformation into a special gem.

Making online cremation arrangements does not remove the personalization – or the person – from a funeral or cremation service. Technology simplifies the steps you need for planning and making arrangements, and allows the time to think about the choices for yourself or a loved one.

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