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Why families choose to witness the cremation of a loved one

As more people choose cremation, our funeral directors are frequently asked, can you witness a cremation? Yes, that is an option for family members. Watching a cremation is not for everyone, though families may choose this service for a number of reasons: Religious traditions For Hindu and some Buddhist traditions, cremation rituals include participation fromRead more

Life Forest redefines traditional burial

Every once in a while, we get asked, can you turn cremated remains into a tree. The answer is yes. Life Forest is a unique cemetery nestled in Hillsborough, NH, located next to conservation land with hiking trails and swimming creeks. CSNH’s arrangers discuss Life Forest with families that choose cremation but also seek toRead more

Parting Stone solidified cremated remains now available

CSNH now offers a solid alternative to loose cremated remains called solidified remains. Our families who receive cremated remains of a loved one choose this option because solidified remains form a stone that can be held easily and shared with family. To do this, we’ve partnered with Parting Stone. The solidification process compresses cremated remainsRead more

How does the cremation process work

There are mysteries surrounding death that we may never understand, but demystifying some facets of death lessens the anxiety around them. One common question we are asked is, how does the cremation process work? Because some people don’t fully understand the cremation process, there is some fear and hesitation .  Choosing between cremation and burialRead more

Sending cremated remains to space

We occasionally share cremation remains ideas – such as using cremated remains in artwork or turned into jewelry – but if you have loftier plans, perhaps you’d be interested in sending your cremated remains to space. Yes, there are those who desire their remains scattered at a special place that had special meaning for themRead more

Planning a Catholic funeral or Catholic cremation

A Catholic funeral consists of a set of funeral rites used by the Roman Catholic Church, sometimes referred to as ecclesiastical funerals. If you’re planning a Catholic funeral for yourself and a loved one, this post will answer many of your questions – including information on the Catholic Church’s beliefs about cremation.Read more

What happens if you can’t afford cremation

There’s a growing number of families in New Hampshire and Vermont who can’t afford a cremation or funeral and need assistance interring the remains of a loved one. Online searches about low cost cremation or free or no-cost cremation are on the rise. The Cremation Society of New Hampshire (CSNH) has worked with dozens ofRead more

The history of cremation

Cremation continues to grow in popularity, but is still misunderstood by some people. As more people seek to dispel the myths and embrace cremation as a viable, safe and effective way to say goodbye to your loved one, it makes sense to revisit the history of cremation. The history of cremation The first evidence ofRead more

Cremation Service Financing Loans Now Available for Cremations

While the majority of Americans agree end-of-life planning is a good idea, in reality most of us do not make  funeral arrangements, for cremation or burial, while we’re healthy and of sound mind. Unexpected deaths – even expected deaths – bring financial stress to those paying burial or cremation expenses. Many people aren’t aware thatRead more

How much does it cost to cremate someone?

We know that cost is one of the main deciding factors for choosing cremation. Still,  many people want to know, how much does it cost to cremate someone? You have many options with cremation, and those choices determine the cost. We encourage you to “shop around” before making a final decision.Read more