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Buddhist Cremation Package


$3,335 plus one-time $30 membership fee

Please accept our condolences on the loss of your family member. The following is a summary of our Buddhist Cremation Package.

If you have just lost a loved one, please use this link to access the appropriate package.


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This special package includes:

  • Transfer of deceased from place of death anywhere in New Hampshire, Northern Massachusetts or Southern and Central Vermont, into our care at our main facility in Manchester, NH
  • Filing the death certificate and notifying Social Security of the death (the family is responsible for obtaining certified copies of the death certificate through city or town halls)
  • On-site refrigeration until the cremation is scheduled
  • Preparation of the body for viewing and ceremony including bathing, shaving (if necessary) and dressing with traditional clothing provided by the family (family may also be present to perform these tasks with our assistance)
  • Use of prayer room for gathering and prayer service for up to two hours prior to cremation, including licensed staff member and doorperson to assist the family. The family may arrive thirty minutes before if needed to set up the room, assist with ritual dressing of deceased, and bring in food (caf? fee applies)
  • Buddhist memorial guest sign-in book
  • Use of an upgraded?cremation container for viewing of deceased prior to cremation
  • Family attendance of the cremation, the cremation process, and the State of NH Medical Examiner fee
  • Video slideshow to play during gathering

The following optional items and services are also available for additional fees. Please be sure to discuss the specifics of these items with your counselor if you wish to add any of them.

  • Cremation urn and keepsakes ($50 and above)
  • Additional time for gathering and service beyond 2 hours ($100/hr)
  • Flowers for ceremony ($25 and above)
  • Memorial cards: $100 for 100 cards
  • Rose petals to adorn deceased: $20 per bag (one bag is a dozen roses; red or multicolored options)

Please note that the following conditions MUST be met PRIOR to the ceremony and cremation taking place:

  • The deceased is in our care and 48-hours has elapsed from the time of death
  • The family has gone on-line and provided us the necessary information and electronic signatures
  • The attending physician has signed the death certificate and it has been filed with the State
  • You have been assigned one of our counselors and you have spoken to him/her to discuss the date and time of services