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Veterans Tribute Package


$2,270 plus one-time $30 membership fee

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If your loved one is under hospice/hospital care, or death is imminent, please use this link to access the appropriate package.

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Paying tribute to those who have served our country is the primary purpose of this package. There are benefits available to veterans at the time of death that our staff can share with the family and loved ones. A discounted cost is part of this package as a thank you to our veterans. This package includes the transportation of the body to our facility, all legalities involving the body and cremation procedure, safe keep of the body while preparing for the cremation service and filing the original death certificate with the deceased vital statistics and notification to the office of social security.

All packages include:

  • Services of licensed counselor and staff
  • Transfer of deceased from place of death into our care
  • Obtaining all necessary permits and authorizations
  • Filing the original death certificate and notifying Social Security
  • Sheltering and refrigeration prior to cremation
  • Our 10-Step Identification, Security, and Control Cremation Process