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Cremation Planning

What some may consider unnecessary, we consider good sense and assurance for proper end-of-life care.

What do you envision for your end-of-life arrangements? Is your family aware of your wishes? The value of planning your end-of-life services while you are still healthy and happy is that you are empowered to make those crucial decisions, so your desires are known, and financial pressure is taken off of your family’s shoulders.

No one really wants to think about their final services, but they are an inevitable part of life. Give your family one final gift when you are gone, the gift of remembering the good times, remembering the life you lived instead of leaving them with tough, emotional decisions they may question for years – and bills they may struggle to pay. Taking the time to solidify those end-of-life preferences is a wise decision that allows you to retain control during your life.

The Cremation Society of New Hampshire provides cost effective options for your end-of-life services. By becoming a member of the Cremation Society of New Hampshire, you take a big step in planning your final arrangements. Membership in the Society ensures that you get low cost for great quality by providing access to member pricing on our cremation packages. Take your first steps in planning ahead and join today. Your one-time $30 membership will save you $400 on each package. That can prove to be substantial savings for you as well as your peace of mind. It’s your life; plan it.

Pre-Planning Keeps Your Wishes at the Forefront

If there are certain things that are extremely important to you, then identifying and solidifying your wishes ahead of time is a must. It allows you to document what you want, keeping the focus on your wishes for your service. Planning for yourself or a loved one doesn’t require an in-person meeting. You can make a plan easily from your home. You can carefully outline as much or as little as you want, but the more you plan, the less your family will have to do or make decisions about when you are gone. If you have any ideas about your final services, or if there are certain things that are extremely important to you, then exercising your right to ensure your desires are carried out is a must.

Your Family is Saved from Having to Make Emotionally-Charged Decisions

Any end-of-life experience is extremely emotional for friends and family. All too often, the decisions that are made during these times are not the best. There is always the chance that what they choose is not something you would choose, but since you did not make your wishes known they had no way of knowing. When you plan your services, you can save your family from trying to make critical decisions while they are in emotional distress from losing you. Do the work for them to ensure that they will have one less thing to worry about when you are gone.

Plan Ahead for Peace of Mind

You can’t put a dollar amount on peace of mind, but that is what you ultimately purchase when you take control and plan this aspect of your life, simply because you make it so much easier on your family. You know they will be taken care of and your final wishes will be carried out. You can make a difficult time so much easier for those you love, and they can rest easy knowing that they have adhered to your final wishes, not left wondering if they inadvertently left something out.

Ease the Financial Burden by Pre-Paying

Pre-paying for your arrangements helps to ease the financial burden that would typically fall upon your family’s shoulders. They won’t be left worrying about paying for your services because it will already be done. No more stress and worry over how it will be handled; it’s one more thing off your plate so you can simply enjoy the life you are living now.

Planning ahead for your end-of-life arrangements is a wise decision for you and for your family. Our free planning guide is an invaluable tool to help you navigate the various choices that will help you to prepare for near-term or the distant future. You may also download Talk of a Lifetime to help you start planning now.

Benefits of Membership

Your one-time $30 membership fee opens the door to a number of benefits and features for planning your final arrangements

Benefit #1

$400 discount on price of cremation package

  • Discounted member rate saves more than 23% off non-member rate.
  • Pre-payment locks in current prices and ensures your exact wishes are fulfilled.
  • Customized payment plans are available and can be tailored to fit your budget.

Benefit #2

We know who you are and want you want in advance of passing

  • Spare your loved ones the emotional burden of having to make difficult decisions during a challenging time – just after they’ve lost you.
  • All your instructions and arrangements are pre-planned and securely kept on file with us.
  • Instructions may be changed at any time during your lifetime.

Benefit #3

One call is all that is
needed at the time

  • Make all of your arrangements easily from your home – planning doesn’t require an in-person meeting.
  • Become a member online or through the mail.
  • At the time of passing, one call is all that is needed.

Please Note: The completed membership form and registration fee must be received by our office prior to our services being needed in order to receive our discounted member rates.

The Cremation Society of New Hampshire is a membership organization.

Becoming a member is easy:

Becoming a CSNH member

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