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Affordable Cremation Pricing

These prices are effective as of January 1, 2024 but are subject to change without notice.

The most common question we hear from the families we serve is, how much is a cremation? We provide the affordable cremation goods and services shown below to our customers. You may choose only the items you desire. However, any funeral arrangements you select will include a charge for our basic services and overhead. If legal or other requirements mean you must buy any items you did not specifically ask for, we will explain the reason in writing on the statement we provide describing the funeral goods and services you selected.

The Cremation Society Membership Registration $30
This is a one-time, non-refundable fee to become a member of the Society.

Affordable Cremation Packages

All of our cremation package plans include: basic services of licensed professionals and staff, transfer of remains anywhere in our service area, medical examiner fee, use of refrigeration, cremation container and crematory fee. If you want to arrange a direct cremation, you can use an alternative container. Alternative containers encase the body and can be made of materials like fiberboard or composition materials (with or without an outside covering). The container we provide is a sturdy double wall corrugated
cardboard container.

Direct Cremation Package$1,295$1,695See Package Details
Veterans Tribute Package $2,270$2,670See Package Details
Cemetery Gathering Package $2,470$2,870See Package Details
Life Celebration Package$3,745$4,145See Package Details

Additional Fees

Out-of-Service Area Fee
(For those who pass away outside our service area without Nationwide Travel Plan)
From $450
Additional Cremation Fee (For those over 350 pounds)$595
Additional Sheltering and Refrigeration (per week after first week) $200
Additional Transfer of Deceased$495
Flower Vehicle
Transportation and set up of flowers for a church or cemetery service; disposal or local donation/delivery of flowers after a service held in one of our facilities within a ten-mile radius of one of our locations during normal business hours.

Cremation Service Options

In-Person Consultation

For those families who are using one of our chapels or rooms for a gathering or service and who would like to set up an in-person meeting after a death occurs at one of our offices during business hours. This fee is already included in our Life Celebration Package.
Coordination Fee for obtaining death certificates (excludes cost of certificates by issuing state),
calling church/cemetery, making phone arrangements (per occurrence).
Obituary Placement Fee
For placement of obituary with local newspaper and on our website (excludes the fee charged by the newspaper).
Writing/Drafting Obituary
Includes placement of obituary with local newspaper and on our website (excludes the fee charged by the newspaper).
Immediate Family Identification
Up to eight immediate family members may identify the deceased for a one-time period for up to 20 minutes during normal business hours Monday through Friday (not available at our Hampton or Boscawen facility). The deceased will be sanitized and placed in a cardboard cremation container. Our staff will not dress the deceased, apply cosmetics, shave, or otherwise prepare the decedent outside of basic sanitary care. ID viewing may not always be possible due to the condition of the deceased. We reserve the right to refuse viewing to those that are not immediate family. An additional preparation fee of $200 will apply when an autopsy has been performed.
Private Viewing
The deceased can be viewed in one of our viewing rooms for up to 1 hour during normal business hours Monday through Friday. The deceased will be washed, dressed, prepared for viewing, and placed into the selected upgraded cremation container. An additional preparation fee of $200 will apply when an autopsy has been performed. Not available at our Hampton facility.
Family-Attended Cremation
For those that want the peace-of-mind of being present for the cremation. Our staff will not dress the deceased, apply cosmetics, shave, or otherwise prepare the decedent outside of basic sanitary care. (Manchester and Brattleboro locations only)
Use of Staff & Equipment
Includes coordinating and directing the service; and professional staff attendance and supervision.

For Memorial Service at Church or Other Location


For Cemetery Committal/Graveside Service

Use of Facilities & Staff Includes use and setup of gathering area or chapel; display of flowers; use of technology as needed including creation and display of video slideshow, sound system, streaming service; and professional staff attendance and supervision. (*$100 for each additional hour)

For memorial gathering (two hour minimum)


For memorial service in one of our chapels


For one hour gathering followed by a service in one of our chapels


For one hour gathering prior to same day church and/or cemetery service

Celebrant Services
For families who prefer a highly personalized service or do not have a clergy member to officiate.
Use of Preparation Room
For private autopsy, organ donation, or staff assistance for preparation, hygienic care and dressing of deceased (with or without family present). Excludes weekend fees.
Use of Café and Function Room
You can bring in your own food or use our caterer. Up to 45 people.
Saturday Service Fee
For use of our facilities or staff for a memorial or graveside service, private viewing, or family-attended cremation on a Saturday.
Sunday or Holiday Service Fee
For use of our facilities or staff for a memorial or graveside service, private viewing, or family-attended cremation on a Sunday or Holiday. (We are not open for services on Thanksgiving or Christmas)
Video Streaming Services
Stream funeral services online for loved ones who can’t be there in person.

Cremation Merchandise Options

Nationwide Travel Plan
If death occurs outside of our service area while traveling, additional transportation and third-party funeral home fees will apply unless Nationwide Travel Plan is selected and fully funded at the time of pre-arrangement. Our Nationwide Travel Plan only covers individuals who pass away outside our service area and if death occurs outside the State of their legal residence as listed on the death certificate. Nationwide Travel Plan is not a trusted amount, cannot be refunded, and takes effect immediately once paid in full. If the contract is canceled, transferred or Nationwide Travel Plan is not used, it cannot be refunded or used as an offset against any balance due at the time of services. In order to be in effect, the family must call us at the time of death so that we can contact a funeral home in our network. If the family contacts another funeral home directly, or if the deceased’s legal residence is outside our service area, the plan is not valid.
Upgraded Cremation Containers
Patriot, Seashore, or Beechwood
Cremation Urns
We display over 100 urns to choose from. You can view a sampling of our more popular urns on pages 8 and 9 of this brochure. Price includes filling of urn. Some families choose to purchase an urn or keepsakes from a third-party provider. For liability reasons, we are unable to fill third party urns or keepsakes. The cremated remains will be placed in a sealed heavy plastic bag inside a black plastic urn by our crematory staff, which you, a family member, or a trusted friend can then transfer into your third-party urn or keepsake.
$75 to $2,520
Keepsakes, Pendants and Jewelry
We offer a large selection of remembrance items.
From $50
Veteran Flag Cases
We carry a selection of flag cases, which are usually used to preserve and display the American flag in honor of a deceased veteran of one of the branches of the military, a police officer or firefighter, or a dignitary. They can also be used to preserve a flag having some historical or personal significance.
From $150
Parting Stone
Solidified remains. The solidification process returns the full or partial amount of cremation remains in a form that resembles a collection of polished stones.
Urn Vault
Many cemeteries require the urn to be placed in an Urn Vault to maintain the integrity of the grave.
$145 to $1,090
Memorial Record Packages
Includes guest book, memorial cards, thank you cards, and personalized candle.
$290 to $450
Memorial Candles
Memorial candles are a perfect keepsake for one or more family members.
DNA Collection and Preservation
Preserve your DNA for future generations. Ask your counselor for more information.

Disposition Options

Hand Delivery of Cremated Remains
We will hand deliver cremated remains back to the family residence, within our service area, during normal business hours.
Shipment of Cremated Remains
We will carefully package and ship the cremated remains via USPS Express Mail to any domestic destination.
Coastal Scattering of Remains
We will coordinate an unattended scattering off the coast of NH near the Isles of Shoals. Fee includes certificate of the scattering, mailed to the family, as well as EPA filing. Other locations with and without family in attendance are available.
Hold Cremated Remains for Pick Up
We will hold and release the cremated remains to the family or other authorized person at one of our facilities during normal business hours at no charge. After 30 days, there will be a fee of $30 per month or portion thereof assessed for custodial care and storage of the cremated remains.

CREDIT & PAYMENT POLICY: We have established a uniform credit policy to serve all families fairly and to alleviate misunderstandings. A sound credit policy enables us to contain our costs to all the families we serve. Our general credit policy is that the entire amount of the cremation, merchandise selected, services and cash advances must be paid prior to the transfer of deceased. We accept cash, personal and bank checks and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal) as forms of payment. We regret that we are unable to accept settlement of estates through attorneys or probate court, or life insurance assignments, as a means of financial arrangements. All unpaid balances after sixty days (60) from the date of service accrue a late fee of 1% per month (12% per year).

CASH ADVANCES: This list does not include prices for certain items you may ask us to buy for you such as cemetery charges, death certificates, newspaper notices, clergy fees, and music. The prices for those items will be shown on the statement describing the goods and services you selected.

As an accommodation, the cremation society may pay a third party that provides services and merchandise to the Buyer in connection with the funeral, and will list those charges as “cash advances” on the Statement of Funeral Goods and Services Selected which is provided to the Buyer at the end of the funeral arrangements. Notwithstanding the fact that the cremation society is arranging the payment to
the third party, the contractual arrangement is between the Buyer and the third party. The cremation society is not in control of the third party providing services or merchandise to the Buyer and will not be responsible for any of the third party’s acts or omissions.

MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: To be eligible for member discounts, the completed membership form and registration fee must be received by our office prior to a member’s passing.

Disclosure Concerning the Cremation Process

It is the policy of the Cremation Society of New Hampshire to provide information concerning the cremation process so that our client families and friends are fully informed. These disclosures are provided in the interest of satisfying any questions and allaying any concerns one may have. The cremation, processing and disposition of the decedent’s remains will be performed in accordance with New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated 325-A, New Hampshire Code of Administrative Rules Chapter He-P 600, and any and all other governing rules and the policies, procedures and requirements of the Cremation Society of New Hampshire. Cremation will only take place after all of the following conditions have been satisfied:

all scheduled ceremonies and viewing have been completed; (b) at least 48 hours have transpired since the death occurred (no waiting period is required in the case of death resulting from a contagious or infectious disease and the Cremation Society of New Hampshire reserves the right to

perform the cremation thereafter according to its own schedule); (c) the burial permit has been issued along with a copy of the signed death certificate and cremation authorization form; (d) the decedent has been viewed by a State appointed medical examiner or assistant examiner and the medical examiner certificate has been signed; (e) the decedent has been wrapped in a leak proof pouch and placed in the cremation container; (f) pacemakers, prosthetic devices, silicon implants or other radioactive implants have been removed; (g) no objections concerning the cremation have been raised; and

(h) the cremation and our charges have been paid in full. Cremation is performed by placing the decedent in a cremation container and then placing the container into a cremation chamber or retort where they are subjected to intense heat and flame through the use of natural gas, incineration of the container and its contents is accomplished and all substances are consumed, except bone fragments (calcium compounds) and metal (including dental gold and silver and other non-human materials) as temperature is not sufficient to consume them. The Cremation Society of New Hampshire, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to remove all non-combustible materials before cremation and discard them in a non-recoverable manner. Due to the nature of the cremation process any personal possessions or valuable materials, such as dental gold or jewelry as well as body prosthesis or dental bridgework, that are left with the decedent and are not removed from the container prior to cremation will be destroyed, or if not destroyed, will be

disposed of. Following a cooling period, the cremated remains, which will normally weigh several pounds in the case of an average size adult, are swept or raked from the retort. The Cremation Society of New Hampshire makes every reasonable effort to remove all of the cremated remains from the retort, but it is impossible to remove all of them, as some dust and other residue from the process is always left behind. In addition, while every effort is made to avoid commingling, inadvertent or incidental commingling of minute particles of cremated remains from the residue of previous cremations is possible. After the cremated remains are taken from the retort, all non-combustible materials (insofar as possible) are separated and removed from the human bone fragments by visible or magnetic selection and are disposed of in a non-recoverable manner. The cremated remains are then mechanically processed (pulverized). This process of crushing or grinding may cause incidental commingling of the remains with residue coming from the processing of previously cremated remains. These granulated particles will be virtually unrecognizable as human remains.


The Cremation Society of New Hampshire fingerprints all decedents, insofar as possible, to ensure the accurate identification of the body throughout the process leading to final disposition. The family agrees and gives us permission to take the decedent’s fingerprints with a vegetable-based ink system or biometric scanner. These fingerprints are kept in a secure location, and at the families’ written direction may be destroyed after final disposition. Fingerprints will otherwise be maintained in a secure, encrypted storage facility for a time specified, pursuant to the law in Illinois where the storage facility is located.

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