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Cremation Planning FAQ

What advantages do I get from pre-planning?

When you plan your arrangements in advance, there are three significant benefits:

It ensures that your final wishes will be carried out the way you want. Many people have a difficult time talking about death so you may not have the opportunity to have that conversation with your loved ones. This means they may not know what you want. Planning ahead solves that problem.

It eases the financial burden for your loved ones. When you preplan, and prepay, for your final arrangements, your loved ones won’t have to worry about coming up with the money when the time comes.

It gives your loved ones peace of mind. Because they know that your final arrangements have been taken care, they can focus on grieving their loss and celebrating your life, while knowing that your end-of-life services will be carried out the way you wanted.

If I prepay for my cremation or funeral do I have to do it now?

No. Often people just want to document the details of their final arrangements well in advance. They may choose elements of the service, the type of ceremony, and whether they will be cremated or have a funeral. You can do this without paying anything. The goal is to make your wishes known so that there is no confusion or question about what you want.

What are the payment options available to me?

Most people pay for the entire package at once, but there are convenient payment plans available if you’d prefer to pay over time. If you would like to use the current value of your existing life insurance to pay for your arrangements, you may do so at our full-priced firm, Phaneuf Funeral Homes & Crematorium. You can do this without cashing in the policy. We also have a Social Services policy for those people who may not be able to afford to cremate their loved ones.

What happens if I pass away while on vacation or traveling?

If you enjoy frequent vacations, have a second home somewhere warm or travel often, you can take advantage of our nationwide extended service program. If you pass away while you are traveling, this program guarantees that no matter where you are in the country, your body will be shipped back to us and you family will not have to pay a thing.

Will price increases in cremation or funerals affect me?

End of life costs are steadily increasing with each passing year. However, when you pay in full for your final arrangements, that price is locked in for you regardless of how much time passes or how much the cost increases. We give you our guarantee, in writing, that once you have paid in full for your services, the total price of that merchandise and services will never increase.

Are the prepay funds for my cremation or funeral secure?

Yes. We maintain an Irrevocable Mortuary Trust account (which complies with NH state law). Any money we receive that is allocated for a prepaid funeral is placed there. The Trust is insured and secure. We pay the annual administrative fees and all taxes for you and no one is authorized to cancel the Trust or access the funds. You are protected by both federal and state law that says the money can only be used for the purpose of your end of life service and arrangements and it cannot be withdrawn until your death.

Should I compare prices and services for different crematoriums or funeral homes?

If you have never made final arrangements for anyone or if you haven’t had much experience with a crematorium, then you may want to talk to several providers before you decide on one. You will find that while our service is rather unique, other related facilities and funeral homes do offer preplanning and most offer competitive rates. However, when you are selecting a facility for your final arrangements, price shouldn’t be your only consideration. You should also look at how the staff caters to customers’ needs, if they are friendly and professional, and the quality of the facility. Think about your loved ones – they are the ones who will be dealing with the facility after you are gone. You want something that is professional and compassionate to help your family through their loss.

Planning doesn’t require an in-person meeting.

Make all of your arrangements easily from your home.

Cremation Planning FAQ - Cremation Society of New Hampshire