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Planning for Yourself

Every time you interact with someone, you leave your mark on them. This is what forms their perceptions of you, the memories of experiences you share, and how you touched their life in your own unique way. Let those precious memories be the legacy you leave your loved ones.

When you take the time to pre-plan your final arrangements – from the comfort of your home – you leave your family with the gracious gift of time. They have time to reminisce about the good times they had with you and take comfort in remembering how you touched their lives. They won’t be left to try and figure out your final wishes or make decisions while they are missing you because you have taken care of that and made your wishes known.

It is never too early to plan ahead.

Planning end-of-life services is often considered to be something for those who have reached their “golden years.” Often, the topic will be raised as a last step in retirement planning or when contemplating life insurance. However, the truth is, anytime is the right time. You can never start too early, but you can be too late. Settling your affairs ahead of time is one of the most loving acts you can do for your family and friends.

Instead of leaving those final decisions to rest upon the shoulders of the ones you leave behind, you can make sure that your end-of-life wishes are carried out to your specifications. Whether you are planning your retirement or are about to begin that chapter in your life, you can write down your desires today and get busy enjoying every moment you have to soak up life, to love, to live.

Planning ahead is not a one-time conversation.

There is certainly nothing wrong with making all the decisions on your final arrangements at one time, but for many people this is an ongoing conversation. Chances are, you haven’t given the topic much thought, so ideas may come to you over days, weeks, months, or even years.

That’s OK.

This is your life; these are your decisions. You deserve to have your services performed the way you want. A first step may be deciding whether you want a cremation or burial. From there, you can lay out the details of your memorial service or funeral.


Some things you may consider include:

  • Do you want services?
  • Where do you want your service held?
  • How do you want your life celebrated?
  • Who do you want to speak at your service?
  • What songs do you want sung or played?
  • Are there any poems you want read?
  • What photos would you like displayed?
  • What mementos do you want put on display?

When you’re ready to begin, the first step is to become a member of The Cremation Society of NH. With $30 and a completed application, you’ve secured access to our member pricing – whenever you choose to take the next step in planning.

Planning for Yourself - Cremation Society of New Hampshire

Keep in mind: Your final plans can change with the seasons of your life.

Each new season of your life brings about changes and often different perspectives. With these may come changes to your final arrangements and that is perfectly alright. As you make your plans, remember, it doesn’t mean that you are bound to those decisions forever.

  • A young professional or first-time parent may just want to become a member and choose a Direct Cremation so they know something has been done, should something unknown happen.
  • A couple in midlife may have had discussions about their wishes, and decide to upgrade to the Life Celebration package.
  • Someone in their golden years may decide to start outlining the details of those services.

As you move with the flux and flow of life, some circumstances will most certainly change. The Cremation Society of New Hampshire allows you the freedom to change with them.

Don’t be scared. We have a guide for you:

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