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Cremation Forms

There is a great deal of paperwork that is required after a person passes away. Often the family is left to wade through it and figure it all out. This can be confusing, and the lengthy searches can take up enormous amounts of time. To avoid that, we have created a list of the forms that are most often requested when a person dies.

If there is a form that you feel should be on here but isn’t, or if you can’t find a form elsewhere that isn’t on this list, please reach out to us; we’ll be happy to help you find it.

Cremation Authorization Form

This form is required to be completed and signed before a cremation can take place

Release and Financial Responsibility Form

This form gives permission to transfer the deceased from the place of death to our facility.

Social Services Policy

Includes steps for the family to be eligible for financial assistance and the services our firm offers

New Hampshire Death Certificates

The New Hampshire application to obtain a certified copy of death certificates and other vital records.

Vermont Death Certificates

Vermont application for a certified copy of vital records including death certificates.

Memorial Services Checklist

A checklist to walk you through planning your final arrangements, including information that you need to gather and arrangements that you need to make.

Family-Provided Cremation Containers

We require an indemnification agreement be signed for the filling of third-party, family-provided cremation containers.

Army Honors Request

New Hampshire request for military burial honors by the Army National Guard.

US Navy Honors Request

Request form for military funeral honors by the US Navy.

Air Force Honors Request

Application for the Patriot Honor Guard at Hanscom Air Force Base to provide Air Force funeral honors.

Coast Guard Honors Request

Request form for the First Coast Guard District to provide military funeral honors.

NH Veterans Cemetery Application

The New Hampshire State pre-certification application for Veterans Cemetery eligibility.

VT Veterans Cemetery Application

Vermont State Veterans Cemetery eligibility pre-certification application.

VA Application for US Flag

Department of Veterans Affairs application for a United States flag to be used for burial purposes.

VA Cemetery Marker Application

Application for the standard government marker or headstone for installation in a state or private veteran’s cemetery.

VA Application for Burial Benefits

Application for VA burial benefits including burial allowance, plot or interment allowance and/or transportation expenses.

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