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Veterans Resources

At The Cremation Society of New Hampshire, we are experts at serving the needs of veterans. We provide a full range of services for veterans and their families, from our trained staff who will ensure that the family receives all the benefits to which they are entitled, to special military honors performed at the memorial service.

We work hard to help the families of veterans during this difficult time. There are so many things to be taken care of and it is easy for the family to become overwhelmed. It is our mission to help with the transition, giving families peace of mind and helping to ease the stress of the situation.

The men and women who protect our country all deserve an honorable and respectful farewell. We’ve always included veterans funeral benefits in our literature and as online resources, to help families get the support and benefits available from the Veterans Administration.

When you are making arrangements for a veteran’s end of life arrangements, let us help.

Veterans Resources - Cremation Society of New Hampshire

Veteran’s Benefits

Our trained staff will work with the family to secure veterans benefits as well as making the arrangements for transport of the deceased, securing funding for the arrangements, organizing military honors for the memorial service, and much more.

Veterans Resources - Cremation Society of New Hampshire

Veteran’s Cemeteries

Veterans who have been honorably discharged, as well as certain qualifying members of the National Guard or Reserve, are eligible for interment in the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery. Our staff will help the family make the necessary arrangements and get approval for interment in a veteran’s cemetery, including the NH cemetery, located in Boscawen.

Veterans Resources - Cremation Society of New Hampshire

Veteran’s Cremation Information

We offer special military-themed features, including a Veteran’s Tribute Cremation Package, that are exclusive to past and present members of the armed forces. We can arrange for a flag ceremony and Taps as well as provide special military urns that bear the seal of the veteran’s branch of service.

Retiring American Flags

Torn and tattered American flags should not be publicly displayed or flown, per the U.S. Flag Code. We’ve made it easy for residents of New Hampshire to retire American flags.

Simply bring your retired American flag to one of our offices at 172 King St. in Boscawen or 243 Hanover St. in Manchester. There are easy-to-recognize mailboxes just outside our front door decorated in red, white and blue flag images.

Place your flag to be retired into the mailbox slot and we will give it a proper retirement, per the U.S. Flag Code. Congress passed the joint resolution in 1942, providing guidance to how to and how not to display the American flag, and how to retire an American flag.

“When the flag is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem, it should be destroyed in a dignified and ceremonious fashion, preferably by burning,” states the code.

We’ve retired more than 1,000 flags since the flag retiring program began in 2017.

“We utilize our crematorium to burn decommissioned or tattered flags in a respectful manner,” Buddy Phaneuf, President of Cremation Society of New Hampshire, said.

Veterans Resources - Cremation Society of New Hampshire

Why are Veterans Important?

When someone chooses to enter a branch of the military, they make huge personal sacrifices. Loved ones from home are left behind as they enter a life centered on fulfilling the oath to defend the country. Veterans are the reason we have the freedom in this country that we often take for granted. Liberty has never been easy to achieve.

When we are born into it, we may not think of those who fought so hard for our liberty and freedom. We should always remember that the men and women from all military branches have given up so much to defend this country that we cherish.

Veterans are important because they put their lives on the line for the people of the United States of America. It isn’t about putting on the uniform; it is what the uniform represents.

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