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Veterans Cremation Information

At The Cremation Society of New Hampshire, we sincerely appreciate the selfless service our veterans have shown to this great nation. As such, we have created several special veterans cremation packages and add-on features to honor them and their families. We strive to maintain the integrity of veterans’ service in the armed forces, and we take great care to ensure that every aspect of the cremation process is approached with dignity and respect.

The items in our American Veterans Cremation Program are available to verified military personnel, present, past, or retired. To qualify for the veteran’s package or any of the veteran add-on features, the person’s military status must be verified. Typically, the family or individual will submit the DD Form 214 (Report of Separation from the Armed Forces of the United States), or its equivalent, to us when they order the veterans package and services.

We work hard with the families on how to apply for veterans death benefits to help them get all the assistance due to them. Research shows that the majority of veterans do not receive all of the benefits that are entitled to, but our trained staff can help walk you through the process. We also handle all paperwork that the VA requires.

The New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery is less than two miles from our Concord office in Boscawen. However, if you do not live in New Hampshire or wish to be interred in another veterans cemetery elsewhere, we can help you with the necessary arrangements to make that happen.

Veteran’s Tribute Package

This is a cremation package that is specifically designed for veterans. This exclusive package includes all our direct cremation package services, as well as a specially crafted veteran’s urn in solid bronze, that bears the insignia of the service branch. It also includes professional coordination of interment in either a veteran cemetery or a cemetery of your choice within our service area. If desired, we can coordinate and schedule all military honors, including Taps and a flag folding detail.

Veterans Cremation Information - Cremation Society of New Hampshire

Cremation and the American Flag

During the cremation service for a veteran, the proper way to display the American flag is draped over the urn or receptacle prior to the flag-folding ceremony. The flag-folding ceremony at a funeral service is an impactful way to commemorate the life of a veteran or fallen soldier. During the flag-folding ceremony, the flag is carefully folded a total of 13 times by six honor guards.

Honoring the Men and Women Who Served

The sacrifices of our veterans allow us to enjoy so many freedoms in this country. It’s important to pay tribute to those brave men and women in death. Honoring a veteran, whether they died in service or not, is a time-honored tradition that is exercised in many cultures. Showing respect for those who served is a great comfort for the family of the veteran. They can appreciate the pride toward their loved one and recall a life well lived.

Celebrating the courage and selflessness of our veterans is also very cathartic and healing. It brings peace to family and friends while creating a memorial that they can carry with them.

We honor our veterans because it is a reminder that freedom truly isn’t free, and that every day brave men and women pay the greatest price to ensure we enjoy our freedoms and sleep safely within our protected borders.

Veterans Cremation Information - Cremation Society of New Hampshire

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