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The Cremation Society of New Hampshire is a membership driven organization that helps individuals and their families make plans for their end-of-life arrangements. Our roots in funeral service reach back to 1906 through Phaneuf Funeral Homes & Crematorium . The Cremation Society was incorporated as a separate entity in 1995 and we are now the only business in the state that is dedicated solely to promoting cremation. As one of the first providers in New Hampshire to install a crematory, we are pioneers in the field. Our goals are to educate the public about cremation options through our seminars and workshops conducted throughout the state, as well as supporting legislation that more closely oversees the operation of crematories.

We accomplish this by adhering to our commitment to exceptional customer service to our clients and their families as well as fulfilling the Cremation Society of New Hampshire Mission Statement:

  • To Offer the public an alternative to the complicated and costly funeral system, which is common in America today.
  • To Allow for persons to pre-plan their own final arrangements, thus assuring that their legally-binding instructions will be followed.
  • To Educate the public about cremation and the wide range of options that are available.
  • To Lessen the burden, both financial and emotional, that is placed upon surviving family members at a most difficult time.
  • To Provide a pre-payment plan that will guarantee performance of our services in the future and ensure that the funds will cover the costs of services selected at the time of death.
  • To Operate a New Hampshire based company that the public can trust to maintain the highest quality standard and ethics when it comes to providing cremation services.
Hanover, Cremation Society of NH

We are the largest family-owned cremation services provider in New England. We have five beautiful facilities that serve the people of New Hampshire and Vermont. Our compassionate, professional staff will work hard to ensure that you and your loved ones have the best experience possible. Whether they are helping you plan your final arrangements or are coordinating and directing your memorial service, you will always see the same level of quality and attention to detail that has made the Cremation Society a premier service for end-of-life arrangements.

While at first glance we may appear to resemble typical funeral homes, we are, in fact, quite different. Unlike funeral homes, cremation is not a side line for us. At the Cremation Society, cremation is the only service we offer. We also own and operate four of our own crematories. We have also developed a strict set of operating policies and procedures – some of the most stringent in the industry – to ensure that our level of service is maximized while minimizing the potential for human error.

Finally, we offer options that are not available from any other facility or funeral home. From our lovely chapels to our wide urn selection to our many unique options, you can be assured that when you choose The Cremation Society of New Hampshire you will not only have the ability to make your final arrangements the way you want, you will give your loved ones the gift of a beautiful experience and loving memories.

Coverage Area

The Cremation Society of New Hampshire can service families or deceased persons from outside our coverage area for an additional fee. Please call us to discuss the specifics of your situation.

CSNH Coverage Area

To learn more about our generations-long legacy of community and family support, please do not hesitate to contact us.