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Our 10-Step Cremation Process

At The Cremation Society of New Hampshire, our first priority is to provide compassionate, professional service at every point in the cremation process. We strive to honor and respect the deceased while remaining sensitive to the family’s experience. We want your experience with us to be as positive as possible, knowing that we’ve done everything we can to accommodate your loved one’s final wishes. Losing a loved one is never easy, but the quality care you receive from us will hopefully help you through it and provide you with peace of mind.

10-Step Peace of Mind Cremation Process

  1. At the time of death, a member of our professional staff will personally escort your loved one to our facility.
  2. When your loved one arrives at our facility, we immediately assign them a unique ID medallion that will remain with them throughout the entire process and ensure that proper documentation is maintained at all times. Your loved one will be placed in a prepared cremation container and respectfully housed in our refrigeration unit as we comply with the 48-hour waiting period as mandated by state law. This and all future crematory activity is captured on closed circuit television and stored digitally for a period of 6 months.
  3. We update our state-of-the-art tracking system with all your loved one’s pertinent and personal information, including recording any personal items.
  4. A medical examiner then conducts a thorough review of all information, including forms and records to ensure that everything is completed correctly, and nothing was missed.
  5. Just before the cremation is to take place, we will once again thoroughly review all forms and records to ensure accuracy. Hard copies of this documentation are kept onsite for one year before being converted to digital files and sent to our offsite database where they are retained indefinitely. At this time, your loved one’s digital thumbprint will be taken and stored in the secure database of an offsite facility indefinitely unless the legal next of kin requests it be deleted.
  1. Once the actual cremation begins, we will update your loved one’s records to reflect the exact date and time.
  2. Once the cremation process is complete, we cool and process the remains as well as update the records with any pertinent details.
  3. When the remains are ready to be placed in an urn, the urn that you chose will be assigned an identifying number that corresponds to your loved one’s records with us. Both the remains and identifying medallion are place in the urn and you will be notified that you may pick it up at your earliest convenience. If you have made arrangements for the remains to be delivered to another final destination, such as a cemetery, we will initiate that process at this time.
  4. When you arrive to pick up your loved one’s remains, you will meet with a representative that has been specially designated to work closely with your family to ensure that all details are completed to your specifications. They will sign our two-part cremation certificate, giving one copy to you and retaining a copy for our records.
  5. All your loved one’s information that has been collected as they move through the cremation process is carefully entered into our database and retained as a permanent record.

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Our 10-Step Cremation Process - Cremation Society of New Hampshire