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Why Choose the Cremation Society

The Cremation Society of New Hampshire specializes in just one thing: simple cremation. Our purpose is to provide the public with an alternative to the complicated and costly funeral system which is common in America today. We carry out your wishes simply, very affordably and with dignity.

We are able to keep our prices affordable year after year since most people opt to become a member and make their arrangements using our website or through the U.S. Mail. We realize that there are times when families prefer to meet with us in person. That’s why we have options available for in-person meetings in one of our offices or at your home ($295) during business hours.

High funeral and cemetery costs, changing family demographics and varying religious beliefs are just a few of the many reasons why most people choose to be cremated. Not only is cremation considered a more environmentally friendly option, it also allows for a wide range of personally meaningful options for the final disposition of our remains, such as cemetery interment, burial on private property, scattering at sea or kept at home.

As you will read, more people are choosing the Cremation Society over local funeral homes for the reasons outlined above, as well as countless others. By providing affordable pricing, as well as an array of value-added services and safeguards, we help lessen the burden – both financial and emotional – that is placed upon surviving family members at a most difficult time.

Five Reasons to Choose CSNH

Why Choose the Cremation Society - Cremation Society of New Hampshire

We Only Offer Cremation
While most funeral homes prefer to sell expensive funerals and treat cremation as a sideline, simple cremation is the only service we offer. As the largest family-owned cremation provider in New England, our cremation price is usually 40% to 80% less than what most funeral homes charge. We offer our services for one low price, with no hidden fees. So, it doesn’t matter where you live within our service area; we can carry out your wishes, simply, affordably and with dignity.

Why Choose the Cremation Society - Cremation Society of New Hampshire

We Make It Easy
Our helpful and flexible staff is knowledgeable in the customs and ceremonies of different ethnicities and religions, and is able to accommodate any specific needs. We offer options and amenities to provide convenience and help reduce stress. We have three on-site chapels and three gathering rooms for family gatherings and memorials, as well as special rooms to allow family members to say goodbye prior to the cremation. We can also accommodate those who wish to be present during cremation.

Why Choose the Cremation Society - Cremation Society of New Hampshire

We Have Five Locations to Serve You
We serve the entire state of New Hampshire, as well as northern Massachusetts, southern and central Vermont and southern Maine from our five locations. Manchester is home to our 15,000 square foot headquarters, housing three crematories. Our Boscawen office is close to downtown Concord and is in close proximity to the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery. Our Littleton location allows us to serve the cremation needs of northern New Hampshire. Our Hampton location is conveniently located on Route 1, with easy access from all seacoast area communities. Our location in Brattleboro, Vermont, allows us to more efficiently serve those residents in Western New Hampshire and Massachusetts and Southern and Central Vermont.

Why Choose the Cremation Society - Cremation Society of New Hampshire

We Own Our Own Crematory
Most funeral establishments do not operate the facilities where the cremation takes place. In those cases, the cremation is contracted out to a third party provider, which means the establishment has little control over the crematory’s processes. We own our cremation equipment, which means your loved one never leaves our care. Our highly-trained and certified personnel perform all cremations following our 10-Step Peace of Mind Cremation Process. Our equipment meets or exceeds every state and local operating requirement and standard.


Green Cremation
The Cremation Society of New Hampshire strives to be as earth friendly as possible. We have clean-burning propane retorts and purchase carbon offsets for our greenhouse gas emissions. We are also paperless and use local vendors whenever possible. We encourage families to make arrangements online instead of driving to our offices, which also reduces our carbon footprint.

Average Price for Direct Cremation

Average Price for Direct Cremation

Coverage Area

The Cremation Society of New Hampshire can service families or deceased persons from outside our coverage area for an additional fee. Please call us to discuss the specifics of your situation.

CSNH Coverage Area

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Why Choose the Cremation Society - Cremation Society of New Hampshire