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CSNH Brochure

Our full-color brochure has everything you need to know about membership with The Cremation Society and all the necessary information for planning your final arrangements in advance.


Pre-Planning Keeps Your Wishes at the Forefront

If there are certain things that are extremely important to you, then identifying and solidifying your wishes ahead of time is a must. It allows you to document what you want, keeping the focus on your wishes for your service.

Your Family is Saved from Having to Make Emotionally-Charged Decisions

When you plan your services, you can save your family from trying to make critical decisions while they are in emotional distress from losing you. Do the work for them so they have one less thing to worry about when you are gone.

Plan Ahead for Peace of Mind

You can make a difficult time so much easier for those you love, and they can rest easy knowing that they have adhered to your final wishes, not left wondering if they inadvertently left something out.

Ease the Financial Burden by Pre-Paying

Pre-paying for your arrangements helps to ease the financial burden that would typically fall upon your family’s shoulders. They won’t be left worrying about paying for your services because it will already be done.

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What some may consider unnecessary, we consider good sense and assurance for proper end-of-life care.