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Membership Benefits

When you become a member of The Cremation Society of New Hampshire, you get access to all the services and benefits we offer for your final arrangements. Our $30 membership fee defrays the cost of maintaining your records and makes you eligible for the discounted member rates. If you want a simple cremation service, that is available. However, if you want something special, such as a memorial service, we can accommodate that as well. Our flexibility and wide variety of features allows you to create the end-of-life services you choose.

Your one-time $30 membership fee opens the door to a number of benefits and features for planning your final arrangements

Benefit #1

$400 discount on price of cremation package

  • Discounted member rate saves more than 23% off non-member rate.
  • Pre-payment locks in current prices and ensures your exact wishes are fulfilled.
  • Customized payment plans are available and can be tailored to fit your budget.

Benefit #2

We know who you are and what you want in advance of passing

  • Spare your loved ones the emotional burden of having to make difficult decisions during a challenging time – just after they’ve lost you.
  • All your instructions and arrangements are pre-planned and securely kept on file with us.
  • Instructions may be changed at any time during your lifetime.

Benefit #3

One call is all that is
needed at the time

  • Make all of your arrangements easily from your home – planning doesn’t require an in-person meeting.
  • Become a member online or through the mail.
  • At the time of passing, one call is all that is needed.

Please Note: The completed membership form and registration fee must be received by our office prior to our services being needed in order to receive our discounted member rates.

The Cremation Society of New Hampshire is a membership organization.

Becoming a member is easy:

Membership Only

If you’re not ready to choose a package but want to secure the benefits of membership, you can become a member today fort $30 and select your options at a later time.

Cremation Packages

Once you are a member, you have access to member pricing on the cremation packages that we offer, which include:

All our cremation packages include these standard features:

  • Licensed professional and staff for services
  • Transfer of deceased into our care
  • Medical examiner fee
  • Filing all necessary paperwork
  • Use of refrigeration
  • Our 10-Step Peace-of-Mind Cremation Process

You can also build your own package by choosing the services that you need from the options available on each package.

If you are considering a package, you may use our comparison chart, so you can compare features at a glance.

Arrangement Options

Become a Cremation Society of NH member online


Become a Cremation Society of NH member by Mail


Mobile Device

Mobile Device

Become a Member

Becoming a member of The Cremation Society of New Hampshire is easy. You may click the button below and complete the membership form. Sign up is quick and easy. Alternatively, if you are ready to make your arrangements, you can choose one of the packages below to start the process.

This is your life and you deserve the opportunity to make your wishes known for how you want your end-of-life services carried out. It will give your family peace of mind while allowing you to move on to the important task of living in the now and enjoying your time with your loved ones. By joining The Cremation Society, you can live today without worrying about tomorrow.

Cremation Service Options

Whether you’re choosing one of our packages, or elements from our service menu, you have the freedom to add features including a private family viewing and family-attended cremation. Our facility can accommodate gatherings for memorial services at our chapel, which includes our equipment and staff. If you prefer to hold your memorial service at your own church or alternate venue, we can provide equipment and staff for that as well. Our staff and equipment are also available for cemetery committal gathering services. View the service menu for a full list of what we offer to make your end-of-life arrangements special for you and for your family.

Download a free brochure

Our full-color brochure has everything you need to know about membership with The Cremation Society and all the necessary information for planning your final arrangements in advance.