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Memorial Record Packages

Memorial Record Packages are beautifully boxed sets that contain several items to help you through the process of memorializing your loved one. 

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Each themed set contains:

  • A memorial register book
  • 120 prayer cards
  • 50 acknowledgement cards
  • 1 memorial seed packet
  • 1 grief help book
  • 1 memorial bookmark
  • 1 lapel pin
  • 1 writing instrument
  • 1 floral card envelope

All cards will bear the package theme on the front and on the reverse, will have customized information including biographical information, service information and a custom poem or prayer that is selected by the family.

Please click here to go to a sample selection of prayers and poems. A color picture of the deceased can also be added to personalize the memorial cards.

This feature is included in several of our cremation packages, or you can purchase it separately. It is a lovely keepsake that the entire family will treasure.

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