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Sending cremated remains to space

We occasionally share cremation remains ideas – such as using cremated remains in artwork or turned into jewelry – but if you have loftier plans, perhaps you’d be interested in sending your cremated remains to space. Yes, there are those who desire their remains scattered at a special place that had special meaning for themRead more

Scholarships Now Available for Mortuary Students

Scholarships for mortuary science students attending a New England mortuary college are now available from the non-profit Phaneuf Family Foundation. “I am excited to support the next generation of funeral directors,” said Arthur O. “Buddy” Phaneuf, President of the Cremation Society of New Hampshire. Phaneuf also serves as a trustee and Chairman of the BoardRead more

How to scatter cremated remains

There is no right or wrong way to scatter cremated remains. The best conclusion to this journey is something that feels good and meaningful to you, honors your grieving process and respects your loved one’s wishes. If you’ve decided to scatter a loved one’s remains, there are a couple questions to answer that might helpRead more